I’m deleting the word ‘job’ from my vocabulary. 

One thing I’m finding about having a new part time Office Fairy Gig and doing other freelancing stuff is that there is a hierarchy of legitimacy between the different types of work that I don’t find very useful. All of my work is legitimate and I need to be doing all of it in order to make a living. To me, being a rockstar at billing insurance and being a rockstar at posing for a camera are just as much work. (Trust me, both happen on a case by case, moment by moment basis. Both have rules that are meant to be broken). So, for me, referring to one of the four or five of the types of work I do as my ‘job’ isn’t really useful. All of the things are my work. All of them count. 

I barely ever have a day off anymore, which is cool because I’m not trapped in the same environment all the damn time. Yesterday I went to model work. Tomorrow I will go to office fairy work. In the cracks between I’ll be working from home as a dramaturg. And even when I’m “off the clock” I’m usually training for pole/Burlesque/performance work. Work is great. I love all of my work, but I would hate to delegitimizate 75% of my work by calling 25% my ‘job.’ So that word is officially out of my vocabulary. 

It doesn’t help me or anyone else respect my total work appropriately and, quite frankly, my hustle is better when I take this approach. If you’re doing work-especially work you’re getting paid for- that isn’t your ‘job,’ I encourage you to make the same switch.