Today marks one year since I started pole dancing. Holy crap.

I started pole dancing on a whim. It was kind of a bucket list thing, even though I’m well aware that I’m too young to have a formal bucket list. Pole was one of those things that I always had been interested in, but wasn’t sure when to try it. So last year I told myself that when I was strong enough to make it through a whole Pure Barre class without dying/stopping, I could sign up for pole. And I did.

I went to my first class alone, which is a fact that baffles most people. I clearly remember busing down to SODO, into the middle of Sketchville, thinking, “This thing better be worth it.” It was. It continues to be. Sketchville isn’t so bad after all…most of the time.

This year has been amazing. When I started I remember only hoping that I would be able to do things that are easy for me now. I’ve accomplished each one of my pole goals, and pretty much have been on time with all of them (as far as my goal setting standards are concerned. And yes, my standards are pretty ridiculous). From inverting to wearing eight inch heels like it’s (mostly) nothing, each thing I find that I can do surprises me and makes me stupid happy. I can barely fathom what is possible within another year or two and I can’t wait to see what more time, dedication, and work results in.

Also, starting pole on a whim has made it that much easier for me to try whatever the hell I want in other aspects of my life too. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? This attitude is lovely and freeing, but perhaps a little dangerous. Point is, whatever you’re curious about: DO IT. Stop spending tons of time thinking about, “What if…” and just go. The worst that can happen is that you find out it’s not for you.

If you are interested in pole dance, please, please come join us. I promise you won’t regret the crazy good things this art form can do for your life or the bruises you’ll get in the process. Pole life is really good.

Now. I’m gonna drink wine and have a tiny celebration.*

Bottoms up.


*Do not be a dumb ass and pole drunk. Nothing good will ever come of that.