Week three can go die in a trash fire as far as I’m concerned.

On Thursday of last week, I was chillin’ with Drew (HI DREW!) and I said something like, “You know dude, I’m really surprised that I haven’t gotten sick yet. With all the stress I was under and now that it’s gone, I’d fully expect my body to just have at it.” I should not have tempted fate in such a way. The very next morning I woke up, barely able to talk and by Sunday night I didn’t have a voice at all. For the past five days I’ve been hacking my lungs out at all hours of the day and night, which is oh so helpful regarding the insomnia situation. On top of all of that, being sick has decreased my appetite yet again. One step forward, two steps back.

Job applications are continuing as they can during this period of snotty peril and I definitely want to find something sooner rather than later. Remember how last week I talked about being the worst person to take on vacation? My cabin fever is now in full swing and if it weren’t for the show that I’m stage managing and for pole, I’d be going bonkers right about now.

Stage management has been one small glimmer of awesome on this backdrop of mucus and muscle aches. First, I love the play. Maiden Voyage is a beautiful story and it does something that I love more than anything else in the world: It fucks with Greek Tragedy hardcore. Basically, in this version of Penelope and Odysseus’ story, Penelope writes stories (the Odyssey) to keep her suitors away instead of weaving cloth, and when Odysseus finally returns, everything unravels. It’s dark and gorgeous, and if you’re in Seattle, you should come see this thing. (Psst…It opens May 26th at West of Lenin). On top of being part of putting up a great play, it’s been so nice to be a stage mom and to be able to accomplish all of my tasks. I love logistics and I love making things work for other people. It’s part of why I went into administration and operations in the first place. But there is a noticeable difference between managing five actors and a small production team who all have really clear, concrete needs and managing an office where I have no power to make executive decisions, but am still expected to have an answer to questions that apparently no one has thought up an answer to yet. I will take the former any day of the week. It’s good to put my skills to use in a sane way.

In between stage mom-ing, looking for jobs, and coughing, I’m also trying to get my pole routine finished for next week’s showcase… Poling while sick, not eating, and not sleeping is challenging. I need to get all of these things patched up for many reasons, but the one that I feel most compelled to do it for is for pole. I hate not having enough energy to do what I love. It makes me sad and pisses me off. So, week four of these funemployment shenanigans will be all about resetting all of my shit, getting healthy, and getting back into good habits. Wish me luck, and you know, maybe come see Iphy get on a pole next Saturday, if you want to. That would be cool.

Thanks, as always.