A girl walks into a bar, looking for a fight.Heels high and smile bright.

And a secret hope that I didn’t dress up too much tonight.

That my skirt isn’t too short.

Legs, a feast for the eyes,


By anyone who wants a bite.

But if I don’t want you to taste, that’s my right.
My smile isn’t an invitation.

My abs aren’t just for show.

What’s that? I can’t quite hear your ego.

Maybe talk a little louder,

Take up more space.

Next time.
And these heels are weapons,

I swear to God.

Give me one reason to kick your pretty chiseled face in.

I didn’t ask for your attention.
Did I say you could come into my personal space?

Your ambiguous situations, slight bending of the rules.

Get this clear: if you violate my boundaries, I get to be angry.

Your ignorance is disrespect, not a mistake.

That’s how that works.
Real talk:

I’m sick of

“I’m just playing.”

“Being friendly.”

“Testing the waters.”

“No harm, no fowl.” 

“It’s cool.”

“Damn bitch. Fine.”

“You on your rag or something?”

“I didn’t mean it that way.”
And me waking up the next morning, thinking, “God, he…

Got to close

Made me uncomfortable 

Kissed me when I didn’t want it

Got too feely 

Scared the shit out of me

Got mad

Got hostile

Made me watch my back on my way home….

Fuck it. I’m treating myself to breakfast this morning.”
That was gross

Why’d you have to get Iphy with me?

That wasn’t right

Who will take my side?

It’s just daddy issues.

Am I overreacting or am I just the craziest person in the fight?

And we all know the craziest person wins the fight.

So let’s go.
I am my own person.

Not an object for you to stick your dick in.

And 12 feet of steel feels better anyway.

Try and mess with this body,

Everything is weaponized,

From muscles to razor sharp fingernails.

I’m not wearing much, so please, tell me,

Where’s the lie?
I am not a casualty

In your war against yourself

And your insecurities.

I’m not a commodity.

I’m not a tease.

You will respect me.
And this has all been about my body.

We haven’t even gotten to my brains,

Ain’t that a crying shame?
So the next time you approach me

To play your boring game,

Remember that I dressed to match my girlfriends

And Sephora said this lipstick best matched my skin tone.

It’s got nothing to do with making you groan.
When you:

Buy me a drink

Roofie my drink

Give me a wink

Compliment my hair

Call me a cunt because I don’t care

Get too close for comfort 

Make a pass of some sort

Act all big and tough

Tell me you like it a little rough

Play mind games you blame girls for

And get mad when I settle the score


This is all shit I’ve seen before.
So I’m ready for this fight,

But I am certainly not asking for it.